PA & Sound Systems

Here at AV2RENT we believe in providing high quality sound to deliver your music or messages without compromising on quality. We can supply everything from small disco speakers to large concert systems and the clearest public address systems currently available. We also supply microphones, audio players such as CD and Digital formats, sound accessories such as headphones and cabling and hanging and bracket systems to house your desired system. We offer specialist services for all exhibitions, conferences and events, including full onsite support and technician operator services to make sure you have a continuous relay of sound throughout your hire period.

Speak to one of our audio experts now to see what type of audio system would be best for your event.

  • Disco Systems

    Disco Systems

    We provide systems suitable for clubs and indoor use such as private parties. Working with top quality brands such as Nexo, RCF, Electro Voice, JBL, all top names when it comes to audio.
  • Concert & Outdoor Systems

    Concert & Outdoor Systems

    When you require audio for outdoor use we have systems capable of filling football stadiums and arenas. We will assess the area and advise on the best outdoor system.
  • Public Address Systems

    Public Address Systems

    We stock a range of public address systems to make sure your voice is heard. We assess the acoustics of the venue making sure you get the best PA system suited for the venue shape and size.
  • Microphones


    Whether its a wired microphone or completely wireless system you require we have all types in stock, working with top microphone manufacturers such as Shure, Sony & Sennheiser. Providing microphones for all applications such as Public addressing, singing or for instrument use. We also have different types such as in tie clip microphones for your hands free conference applications.
  • CD Players

    CD Players/Turntables

    Specialist hire equipment for professional DJs. Whether you DJ with CDS, MP3s or records, we have the various devices to keep you mixing up that music
  • Accessories


    From headphones to voice changers to all your cabling requirements such as iPod lead connectors or laptop plugins.


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