Backdrops & Stages

At AV2RENT we have various different methods of creating an impressive stage set design for your event. Whether it involves hiring our latest LED backdrops adding colour and visual graphics to your stage set or our more simple star cloth backdrops. Our LED and star cloth backdrops are a superb way of creating a cool modern look behind stage and fashion shows. They also work well as backdrops to hide unsightly walls in buildings. We also offer a range of portable staging facilities to build a stage of the required size and shape. These stages can also be carpeted or covered in coloured drapes to give a more professional appearance.

  • Star Cloth

    Star Cloth

    Star cloths are various sizes of heavy black fabric studded with end glow optical fibres. Glowing fibre points are evenly distributed across the surface of the star cloth and change colour or twinkle according to the setup of the light source which provides the illumination. Perfect for setting the mood of your evening event, like looking at the starry black sky.
  • LED Vision Cloths

    LED Vision Cloths

    LED vision cloths also act as a backdrop to a stage setup. However more advanced than star cloths they allow for custom graphics or logos to be animated through them. They even allow custom messages or slogans to be scrolled through them. Perfect for adding corporate identity to a conference or even to add that futuristic look to your next private event.
  • Staging Decks

    Staging Decks

    We can offer custom built stages consisting of blocks to create the exact space you require. Steps can also be provided for entry and exit onto and from the stage area.
  • Catwalk & Event Stages

    Catwalk & Event Stages

    Staging decks can be arranged to create long raised catwalks for fashion shows or concerts. These can also be draped and dressed to give a smarter appearance and coincide with the look of the event.


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